Alt-Rock band Cavo is ready to make its mark

Alt-Rock band Cavo will release its major label debut album Bright Nights Dark Days on August 11.

Alt-Rock band Cavo will release its major-label debut album Bright Nights Dark Days on August 11. Photo courtesy of Reprise Records.

Alternative rock bands have had recent chart success over the last couple years, finally finding a way to consistently compete with hip-hop and country artists for the number one spot.

Bands such as Nickelback and Daughtry have been dominating the charts and getting heavy rotation on radio stations across the country, paving the way for rock’s new breed.

St. Louis, Mo. band Cavo hopes it can follow in these footsteps and is now getting its chance, finding its first single “Champagne” played across the country and heading out on a major tour.

The band’s song “Let It Go” is also featured on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack.

Cavo has a melody-driven alt-rock sound, which could easily be compared to that of Seven Mary Three or Three Doors Down. Big hooks and singable choruses make the band extremely radio friendly.

Cavo isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to hard rock, but it plays to the band’s strengths. Naming Pearl Jam and Nixons a couple of its influences, Cavo sticks to playing straightforward, aggressive rock and roll.

After self-releasing its first album, The Painful Art of Letting Go, in 2006, Cavo has opened for larger acts such as Staind, and signed a contract with Reprise Records.

The band will release its major-label debut, Bright Nights Dark Days, August 11.

You can catch the band on tour now with CrueFest. Visit Cavo online at for more information.

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