Something Small and Practical

I decided to create SevenSixtyEight when I became tired of the design community. Tired of blogs and medium posts that were either recycled, to basic or just self-important rants about designs’ importance to the world at large. Too much of the design community is filled with untested ideas, process’ and concepts that are presented, pitched and sold as reality. Most of which are packaged as “the way it should be done” without any practical application to the reality of our daily lives.

Let’s strip away the lengthy design talk bullshit, strip away the self-important “design makes everything possible” malarky, strip away the lofty idealistic principles of design and get down to how design is truly being practiced in the spaces we actually work in.

I want SevenSixtyEight to be a small space where we can tell practical stories in 768 words or less. Small, curated stories that express a practical lesson or insight to the design work we actually perform. Lessons that speak to real work being done in home offices, agencies and corporate offices everywhere, not some idealistic, mythical alternative design universe.

I am off gathering those stories.