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Song of the Day for 08/14/09

Scott’s Friday ‘80s Pick
Artist: Dennis DeYoung
Song: Desert Moon
Album: Desert Moon
Label: A&M
Sounds Like: Just about every other cheesy love ballad you’ve ever heard
It’s a well know fact that a lot of songs from the 1980s were built around the potential of it having a blockbuster music video. Not only did this lead to MTV’s dominance in [...]

Song of the Day for 08/13/09

Artist: Bat For Lashes
Song: Sleep Alone
Album: Two Suns
Label: EMI UK
Sounds Like: Bjork, Massive Attack
Subtle, yet captivating, Bat For Lashes’ “Sleep Alone” features vocalist Natasha Khan’s siren-like voice floating over tribal drumbeats and echoing synths.
From the bands first major label release, Two Suns, “Sleep Alone” showcases many of the albums haunting themes. With lyrics based on [...]

Song of the Day for 08/12/09

Artist: Panic! at the Disco
Song: New Perspective
Album: New Perspective (Single)
Label: Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen
Sounds like: early Brand New, Fall Out Boy
From its straightforward pop melody to the Judy Garland-esque vocals, “New Perspective” proves that Panic! at the Disco can survive after replacing two of its original members (guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist John Walker).
The song’s title [...]

Song of the day for 08/11/09

Artist: Passion Pit
Song: To Kingdom Come
Album: Manners (2009)
Label: Columbia Records
This beautifully mixed song features Passion Pit’s heavily-layered synth sound in more of a mellow mood. However, the song’s vocal melody and mid-tempo rhythm still offer the listener something danceable.
You can hear the song and watch its video at the band’s myspace page,
VN:F [1.5.7_846]Rating: 5.0/5 (1 [...]

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